Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Look at these great pages!

Holly in an awesome scrapbook artist and a really cool girl. She has used a few of my die cuts in her pages, and I think she has done some great things with them.

Here she used my alphabet circle in white as a journaling spot. When I created the circle, I actually envisioned it as a frame for a picture. I love that she did something with it I had not even thought of.

Most recently, she used my flowers lace paper in a page. I am not currently selling this die cut because of its fragile nature. I am making some revisions to it and it will be back in my etsy store in the future.

Holly's little girls are adorable and make great subjects for scrapbooking. Holly has great talent and I am so glad she is willing to share these images with us so we can see what she does with the die cuts.

Holly has two great etsy shops, ArtsyPaper and NameFrames. Both of her shops are among my very favorite on etsy.